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Subject: Forced sex in libraryThis story is part fiction and part reality. It happened to me last year in
a college in toronto. Enjoy!I woke up that morning tired and hungry. It was a gloomy day with dark
clouds taking the joy out of life. I dragged out of bed and fed myself. I
had to skip my morning wank as I was late for my research project. I
hastily dressed on with my briefs, levis, a t-shirt, and a jacket. I
quietly left the apartment although the need for that was out of order. My
half-deaf room mate wouldn't wake up if God himself came down and ordered
her to do so. I walked down the hallway to discover a sign on the elevator
switch-board.The elevator was out of order and I had to take the stairs out of my
apartment building. I took the stairwell and by third floor I smelled
something odd. I noticed a wrapper for trojan condoms and the place smelled
like sex. I was turned on by the smell of 'sex' that some men create when
they sweat and 'work out' during sex. I exited onto the main lobby with a
mild erection that only went away when I imagined the morbidly obese lady,
next door, dancing naked on six-inch stilettos!Fast forward to the library. It is a rather large structure reminsicent of
1960s Brutalist architecture. The bare concrete walls that run all through
the 11 maze-like floors give it a rather cold and gloomy reflection. I
worked my way through the floors and students. I noticed a guy staring at
me from one of the shelves several stacks away. He was brown, Indian nackedpreteen I
think, to be exact.He was about 5'9", lean, primly dressed, with spiky hair that shined at
different angles. His skin was tanned with a smooth face. His nose was long
and smooth and he had nude preteens video a sparkle of lust and mischief in his eyes as he
carefully stole glances at my way.About myself. I am 5'6", Indian, skinny with broad shoulders and a
well-endowed ass. I find myself attractive and so do a lot of guys
apparently.I was momentarily distracted when I ran across the book I was looking for
half an hour. I looked back and he was gone. I turned around, groaned
slightly, and walked towards a preteen girl pees study table. The smell from that morning
kept looming back in my head. In this quiet space with very few individuals
making the hot preteen portal
effort to come to the library this early in the day, I was alone
and horny. I decided to go to the washroom and take care of my business.I walked into a men's washroom neatly tucked away in a corner on the 7th
floor. You would have to look twice to notice that this washroom even
existed. I had often come here to jerk off and had blown two guys in one of
the stalls in the past. I walked in and noticed that one of the lights
didn't work. I walked towards the stall in the end and said to myself "my
god, i could get raped in here and no body would hear a thing".I went in and removed my jacket while I placed my bag on the ground. I
stood against the wall and whipped out my cock. I was semi-hard and started
to rub my cock when I heard the some noises outside."...yea, don't worry I'll watch your back", said one voiceA chill ran through my body. I don't know why. Perhaps I anticipated
something on some level.I put the thought out of my mind. I spat on my hand to lube up my dick and
kept rubbing it till I felt good!I heard the door creak open quietly. My heart skipped a beat. I'd have to
be quiet or else I'd be caught. The atmosphere was silent. hot preteen portal My heart beating
faster. I adjusted the way I stood so if someone checked from outside it
would seem I sat down rather than had my back against the wall. I had to
make sure my feet were vertically facing the front preteen models star door and not
horizontally facing the other stall.I heard the door next to me open and this guy clicked it shut. I bent down
to see who it was but could only see black reeboks with baggy jeans slowly
coming down. I could smell the musk of this fucker and he smelled good. I
stood there. Watching the other stall with my cock slowly becoming limp in
my hand. Then it came. The foot slided to my side of the stall to indicate
if I was interested. I had known this from the past. When guys in stalls
wanna have sex they make subtle signals and shoving your foot in another
man's stall is definitely preteen modele nue one of the most obvious ones.My heart pounded hard. I gently touched his foot with mine. The guy said,
"Yo B, you ready to go downlow?" I forced myself to murmur "yeah". I had
lost my voice. He sounded very masculine and rugged. His deep, low voice
sent a chill through my body again. I heard some ruffling next door and
realized that he was buttoning up. Next second, I heard a gentle tap on my
door. I slowly opened it to make sure this was all legit. I was glad that
the stall was dark or the guy would have seen my flushed face. This was
that same brown guy from before who was staring me down.He didn't waste any time making small talk. He came in, shut the door, and
pushed me onto my knees. He quickly pulled his cock out. My God, he was
hard. His dick was 7" with a nice girth."Suck on this, bitch", he said, as he forced it down my throat. "I am not
your fucking bitch", I retorted and he slapped my face. As he shoved it
down deeper and deeper, I could smell his cock and balls with the musky
smell they carry and he said, "you are going to be my bitch for the next 10
minutes pussy boy so shut the fuck up and suck it"I started sucking on it. He pulled my hair and pushed it back on his cock
and made me gag several times. His lips left a moan of pleasure everytime
he made me gag on his cock. He would occassionaly slap me on my face and
make me gag faster. "yea, ohh yeaaa...suck on it bitch..just like
like it pussy boy...oh yea bitch just like that...mmmm....ohhhh yeaa"I was completely horny by that time and slowly , and somehow automatically,
started jerking myself off. I had butterflies in my stomach from all this
rough action. He didn't let mee speak but the act itself drove me wild and
horny."ahh yea....c'monnn...suck on it fag...suck it..ok get up", I knew where
this was going. He began to finger ass as soon as he turned me around.He bent me over the toilet and began to finger me even harder using several
fingers at the same time. "I am gonna fuck you bitch and you are gonna love
it. fucking fag loves big cocks doesn't he" he said, as he slapped my
ass. He kept slapping my ass and I could feel pain and pleasure at the same
time.He finally pushed his head up my ass. "Ohhhh yeaaa.....oh god you are nice
and tight boy...fucckk". I pushed him out, "use a condom" but he slapped me
across my face, bent me over and pushed even harder. "oooowww, ohhh
fuckkkkk" i moaned. He was hard but his cock became preteen thong sites even harder as he
rammed it down my ass. "please, please stop...this hurts...oh please ....oh
man"."fuck you bitch, take it..take it harder" his dick was in me and it hurt
like a bitch.There was a sudden tap on the main door and within the next five seconds
the door preteen lesbian video to the washroom opened again. We both stopped in our
tracks. Frozen with our hearts pounding. preteen spanking art It was some student taking a piss
and whistling while doing so. It must have been 30 seconds but it felt like
an eternity. I was bent over with this fucker grabbing my preteen pic thumb hands behind my
back and his dick up my ass. He had hit the spot and I had to stifle my
pangs of pleasure and that made the pleasure even harder to resist. The
student finally left and this guy just started pounding me like a dog. "oh
yea, take it..take it bitch, you like this cock, oh yea, c'mon,mmmm" he
said as he kept pounding my ass for 5 minutes. i was just trying to preteen model quinn stifle
my moans but he was really good. And then, I could feel his cock growing
larger in my ass. He was thrusting up my ass even faster and faster and
then, "OHH YEAAAAAAAAA", he screamed quietly as he thrust even harder. He
quickly pulled his dick out, turned me around, and came all over my face. I
was pissed off about the cum on my face and tried to turn away but he
grabbed my face and pushed his dick down my throat and gave a second load
of cum which felt hot and salty.He slapped his dick across my face to get the rest of the cum out as he
said "you like that bitch boy...yea take it bitch" he said as he slapped me
across the face several times."now suck it clean...c'mon suck it" and he made me clean out the rest of
his cock. After that he quickly cleaned up and walked out of the stall and
exited the washroom. I could hear him snickering with his friend outside
who was probably on guard while this whole thing happened.I still hadn't cum but the entire incidence left me so horny that I just
stood against the wall and started jerking off. I had never been more
turned on in my life and I could still feel him up my ass. I jerked off
faster and faster and came all over the washroom stall.I quickly cleaned myself up and exited the washroom preteen panties tgp stall. I washed my face
and made sure I looked ok and left the stall.It was one of the best fucks I have had as a university student and I still
frequent that washroom to hope that I run into him again.
Any pics preteens feedback, comments would be appreciated
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